Gravestones And Tombstones


We make gravestones/tombstones of different kinds of marble or granite, and the most common are imported African granites: impala (black stone with grey spots), Zimbabwe (pure black), New Belfast (pure black), and some of domestic stones like white marble from Venčac and grey granite from Bukovik.

If we are not limited by dimensions (as it is usually requested in some cemeteries) we process gravestones or complete tombstones like our customers want us to (square, semicircle, with cover panels or without them, with pillars and vases …)

Pictures on gravestones can be handmade, or on little panels attached on gravestone, engraved, on porcelain …

Letters can be written in various numbers of different styles and alphabet: written or printed, Cyrillic or Latin alphabet, silver or gold, attached or engraved.

Best selection of our products can be seen in home office in Arandjelovac (28 Zanatlijska Street) or in Belgrade (Lešće cemetery, 146c Slance Road). Photographs show gravestones that we have made.

Krst od crnog granitaCrni granit, polukružni spomenik

More photographs of gravestones.

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