About us


  “MURA KAMEN d.o.o” is marble and granite manufacturer. We make all kinds of products of marble and granite – gravestones, tombstones and all gallantry for them or for the other purposes: vases, pillars, minarets, stairs, turbans, torches, balls, jardinière, goblets, ashtrays, candlesticks, etc.

After more than 20 years of small family production, we grew into a enterprise, on new address and in new premises on half way between Arandjelovac and Topola, just by the road.

We have Belgrade window since 2001, and it is placed in the foothill of Lešće cemetery (Slance Road 146c).

Customer’s needs and financial resources together with our recommendation connected with steadiness, maintenance and look determine kind of marble or granite which we will use in our processing.

We cooperate with domestic producer and with all better importers of stone, so we are able to produce stone of all colours, strength and steadiness.

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