MURA KAMEN LTD is a manufacturer of all kind of marble and granite products. We make gravestones, tombstones and/or accessories for them, as well as the products according to the needs of the customer for interior or exterior decoration of homes or offices.

Home Office

Home office is in Arandjelovac, 60km (38miles) from capital city of Serbia – Belgrade, in the foothill of mountain Venčac, world wide known for its white marble.

You can easily find us beside the regional road Arandelovac – Topola, on 7th kilometer from Arandelovac. You can see and recognize it by our new logo:

Phone: +381 34 540 288 

In Belgrade, we have a salesroom in the foothill of Lesce Cemetary. The address is Slanački put 146c

For contacts in English please write to mura.ar@gmail.com

More details on the tab “Contact”.


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